Simply Complex


One of our cultural values is uniqueness.  We can sometimes think no one really "gets" us, and when people try to generalize or offer suggestions to us, they are ignorant of our unique situation.  This can be a helpful "instinct" to have; offering nuance and distinctions that can lead to greater understanding.  To offer your unique perspective, or your unique struggle can help others to empathize and gain insight.  

But, there's also a downside to this instinct.  One thing I've noticed is that we're very hesitant to accept any direct advice.  Whenever anything is direct or clear; we can view it as being "simple". If what we're struggling with has deep roots and needs deep exploration, we can reject concise ideas and statements about us.   

The problem is, . . . the bible is often very direct.  The bible diagnosed us in the deepest way; and, in every way.  We're not deeper than the Holy Spirit.  We don't have a depth that God doesn't understand.  So, we should freely receive short, direct, clear statements in God's Word about problems that we face. 

Now, this doesn't mean that walking with Christ is EASY or SIMPLE.  But, again, sometimes the diagnosis of our problem IS rather simple.  The complex issues come as we try to repent, walk with Christ, and live day to day in light of what Christ has done.  That is hard, and often comes with complex decisions every day.  

But, if we don't let the Bible speak clearly to us on what the problem is, and we don't let others give us clear insight into things that they see. . . . we think too highly of ourselves.  I know much harm has been done by giving cliche answers, not listening to each other, and dismissing hard problems as having an easy fix (i.e. "just pray about it").   Those are not the biblical ways to approach tough issues.  Let's seek humility in those times, though,  and let others (especially God's Word) have "eyes" to see things that we may not see.   

The Christian life is simply complex.  It started in a garden, it will end in a City.  Our problems are satan, our own Sin, and Death (the curse) hanging over all of creation.   Walking day to day with Christ can become complex as we face different issues.  But, if we'll let God's Word speak to us clearly and concisely to help us understand ourselves correctly; we'll have greater success seeing where we need to go.  You aren't hopelessly complex.  The Holy Spirit knows what you're dealing with, and He inspired the Bible to speak to all of us.    He knows us better than we know ourselves.