A Place of Grace


"The funny thing about working to make yourself good enough to be Christian is that you inevitably end up more self-absorbed and less assured of God’s love for you. If we are not careful, our youth groups and churches can easily develop a culture of image-making—Christians striving to define themselves, especially according to some Christian cultural norms, instead of resting in Christ’s definitive work."

We want our churches to be safe places for struggle and the opposite of "image making" boutiques.  This is the only atmosphere where the Gospel can grow.  If we just try to churn out "good people" or "cool people" we've taken too much of God's work into our hands.  He wants to make "Christians" out of all of us.  Wherever we are, whatever we struggle with, God wants to move us closer to him, using whatever means necessary.   Read this whole piece from Alan Noble. . you'll be glad you did.