We've been handling some pretty tough questions at GLC the last few weeks.  (If you'd like to listen, you can do that here)  One temptation when we're diving into the mysteries of God is to concentrate on one attribute of God too much, to the neglect of the others.   God is infinite!  As the apostle John said, "all the books in the World" could not hold what we could say about Jesus (not to mention the Father, and the Spirit). 

This is why it is a crucial part of our discipleship, worship, and teaching, . . to simply be amazed at God.  We need to have our gaze lifted, our perspective broadened, and our hearts enlarged, (like the Grinch :) )  because God is bigger than any of us can comprehend.  He has "incommunicable" attributes.  That big word means; attributes that we can't communicate.   We actually can't put words around some things about God that would do Him justice.  

Dr. John Piper's teaching is focused on these sorts of things, and in this short article he answers the question "Will God hurt me and call it good" by calling us to hold God's attributes in balance.  I hope you'll take a minute and read it.  This perspective helps us so much in relating to God and understanding Him (as much as we can).