He must Become Greater, We must Become Less

“The foolishness of God in the cross is wiser than the wisdom of the world… It is not like accomplishing something but like dying and coming to life. It is not like earning something but more like falling in love… The theologian of the cross knows that the love of God creates precisely out of nothing.”  --Gerhard Forde--

Our Lutheran friends have long made the distinction between "a theology of glory" and "a theology of the cross" for the Christian life.   The point is that we, as "little Christs" follow in the footsteps of our Savior, Jesus.  Our lives will mirror his life.  We don't progress in the Christian life from victory to victory, but from the path God has for us.  This path includes pain and trial, as it did for our Savior.     I wonder how long it will be before we learn this valuable lesson and stop trying to find God only in the triumphs, victories, and good times, and instead realize that He often reveals himself in the pain, tears, and trials of our life.  

Knowing God is a lot like "dying and coming to life".  It is not related to the "goal/accomplishment" focus of our culture.  There is dying, failure, suffering. . . . We need to live like that is true.  It is Good News.  It is the Gospel.