The Invasion of Common Grace

I love satire.  I'm a big fan of The Onion, the Daily Show, the Babylon Bee, etc. . .  All of us are just a tad ridiculous and need to be made fun of from time to time.  :)  It's good for us.  

This piece from the Onion is funny, but also touches on an important concept for Christians.  So, you should read it first, (it's really short) laugh for a while, and then we'll think about the important point being made.  

When our trials pile up and our days don't bring us joy, we can get to the point where we stop noticing God's blessings.  We stop noticing how God invades our lives, daily, with his common grace.  It could be a sunset, it could be the smile or touch from a friend, or maybe the change of a season.  Personally, it has often involved a chicken sandwich :).  God "causes the sun to rise on the righteous and the unrighteous", and if our eyes and hearts are open to his work in the daily ins and outs of life, it will help us through discouraging and tough seasons.  God gives us "life, and breath, and everything else".  If we choose to not see those things or thank God for them, we will be miserable.  

All of our problems aren't solved, and all of our daily struggles don't go away by being grateful for these small things; but God wants to remind us that He is there, and He is working.  We need to see it.  We need to think about it.  We need to praise, even if it's been 35 hard years. (something tells me there were a few other beautiful spring days during those years)