It Seems Too Hard

"Behold suburbia, the mission field for whom our hearts do not break. We hold them in contempt as those who have heard and spurned the gospel. Their failing marriages, rebellious children, and quiet addictions stir in us weariness and wariness: This is their own doing. This is the fruit of their commonplace lives of capitulation and mediocrity. Suffering and loss may visit them, but they still drive to hospitals and gravesites in late-model SUVs. Why should we pour out our lives on the rocky soil of suburban America when, for the price of a plane ticket, we can till the fertile fields of Africa, Asia, South America?"

Jen Wilkin writes a convicting and impactful piece about our missional "selectiveness".  I found myself in many of her critiques.  I hope you'll give it a read, and may we look for ways to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into our neighborhoods, right where we are.