Feeling Rebellious?

"This is where we find ourselves today, living as ambassadors of another kingdom in the midst of hostile territory."

I think many times we're confused as to what things are actually "counter-cultural" and what things, though individualistic and original, are simply swimming with the stream of our culture.  

We can try to vote a certain way,  take a unique stance on education, or begin a new diet program and think that we're fighting the status quo. However true this may be on a case-by-case basis, the more we try to change our "under the sun" behavior, the more we find that others have tried it before.  After all "there is nothing new under the sun", so even when we need to turn over a new leaf, we should do so soberly, knowing that we're not the first to try our "new" thing.  This is ok!  We can still change things up when we need to.  Why do we have to be the "first"?

This great article shows us a truly revolutionary, rebellious act that we can partake in every weekend. . . .and more often if we so choose.  This activity guides our affections, lowers stress, and centers our mind on the right things.   When we do it, we're united with others, though unique in our participation.   We get to use our "outside voices" and hopefully move our bodies a bit too.   What is this revolutionary act? In a word. . .