Our Neighbor's Worldview

Dr. Peter Jones says that there are basically two worldviews in the history of planet earth.   A worldview is your way of making sense of everything.  It is the lens through which you view everything and the filter through which you put everything.   "What is my philosophy of life?" you may have asked. . . . . that is your worldview.  

Dr. Jones says that all smaller worldviews can be lumped into "one-ism" or "two-ism".  "One-ism" says that everything is divine, and we worship creation in the same way that we worship the Creator.  In fact, there is no distinction at some level.  Everything is divine.  (it should be mentioned here. . that to make such a judgement, gives you authority as the judge of all that is divine).  "Two-ism" recognizes the distinction between creation and Creator.  We worship our Creator, God, as being different and other than his creation, namely, us.  God pursues us, God gives us many gifts, God is knowable. . . . but He is not us.  He is different, and we worship Him.  

What does that look like in our culture?  Well, if you think that sex, sexual imagery, sexual identity, and sexual arousal have become too important in our culture. . . . you would be right.  This hyper-focus on sexuality shows that "One-ism" is holding sway among many of our neighbors and friends.  Sexual fulfillment is an ultimate goal.  Sex is to be ultimately desired.  To have any sexual limits, constraints, or frustrations is to be absolutely rejected. . . . it puts you in a sort of "hell".  Our bodies and their desires is to be given ultimate freedom and ultimate recognition.  I can't think of a more blatant example of this than a "naked selfie".  A person takes a picture of their own naked self, for others to worship.  

Also, If we're able to identify as any gender that we please. . .we have shown a remarkable disrespect to the Creator, and have made creation divine and authoritative.   Who is in charge?  God, or us?  To yield to the rule and authority of our loving God is a freeing thing, and yet is seen as limiting to so many in our culture.  To cast off restraint and make ourselves, "god", is true bondage, . . .and it is a bondage we see every day.  

I hope you'll take a minute and read Owen Strachen's take on this sort of "neo-paganism".  It's a very helpful article.