Things that Separate Us

There are many self-inflicted barriers to Christian community.  Doing life with other people involves a constant "rooting out" and removal of these barriers.  (commercial:  on Sunday, we'll talk about this at GLC. . hope to see you at 10 am!)  

We're all human, and shouldn't expect we (or others) will always treat each other in healthy ways that build each other up.  To add to that. . . we live in a very polarized age.  We're encouraged to carve out our own path and avoid people who "bring us down".  When things are uncomfortable, we tend to withdraw.  It's not only the loud and boisterous among us who are polarizing at times. Someone can "quietly" separate from others as well.     

One of these barriers to strong relationships is how we deal with money.  I thought this article from the Gospel Coalition is helpful as we turn back to the scriptures to inform how we use money, and not use our "best practices" or opinions to divide us.   I hope you'll take a minute and read it; here.