You Just Can't Quit

Sometimes 7 minutes is all you need to layout a worldview that is unshakeable.  Sometimes in 7 minutes, you come against all the cynicism, hopelessness, and anger so prevalent in our culture in a breathtaking way.   Sometimes all of us need a reminder of the ultimate outcome and ultimate reality we live in every day as Christians.  I hope you'll take 7 minutes and be encouraged by Monty Williams, a man who just lost his wife, the mother of his 5 children in a car accident last week.  some quotes:  

"God is going to work this out. . . that doesn't mean it's not hard, doesn't mean it's not painful, but God causes all things to work out"

"We didn't lose my wife.  When you lose something, you can't find it.  We know exactly where my wife is"  

"God loved me so much, he gave me a wife that loved every part of me".