We're a mess. . . . Ridiculous, really

It's ironic, if not sad, . . .that so many Christian advice, "wisdom, and "Christian living" materials are so simplistic.  As Christians, we, of all people should be in touch with how messy life is.  We should know that sin corrupts all of God's world (Gen. 3).  We should know that our "old man" is consistently fighting against the "new man" Christ has begun to form in us (Eph. 4).  We should see sometimes, even as Christians, we have to trust Christ over and against "our heart". (1 John 3:20).   

We are sinners who have been saved by Christ.  We should give and receive advice like that is true.  I appreciated this piece from Jared Wilson about the simplicity of much relational advice. 

As we gear up for the "Mingling of Souls" marriage conference at GLC, I'm encouraged by the content we'll receive, because look at some of the session titles:  "Fighting fair" and "Growing in Grace".  This communicates two things. 1) In marriage, at times, we fight.  2) We need to grow in how we give grace to each other and live out the Gospel we have received.  These are important things to remember.  They help keep us from a pollyanish, simplistic view of our lives.  I hope you can join us! (link here)

(ps.  married, or single. .I think there's alot for everyone at this conferece)