Lying to Ourselves

One of the hardest things about our struggles against sin is sin's deception.  We don't think clearly when we're wandering away from God's will.  We don't notice the "deals" we're making or the philosophies we're accepting as we sin (i.e. "I need this").  

I came across this amazing story of a sportswriter, Bill Barnwell, who lost 130 pounds last year. It's not your typical weight loss story, triumphalism and such,. .  . . Bill is a guy who had been a healthy individual for many years previous to his massive weight gain.  

Bill uses some salty language in this piece, and it's not always a pretty picture.  But, if you have time to read his memoirs from last year, I hope you'll take time to see his deceptions (which, he freely admits) and the wrong thinking that was underneath most of his health problems.  He's clear that another number on a scale was not the problem (or the solution), but he's equally clear about the lies he was telling himself.  It's instructive for us, no matter what struggle we're facing. When we sin, the bible tells us we're "suppressing the truth" (Rom. 1:18).  

This is not a blog about losing weight. . . it's about how we deceive ourselves.  We can all seek to discern when we're walking away from the Truth, which will set us free.   

What a great story, and congratulations to Bill!