Not Instagram-Worthy

Sometimes I wonder if we're capable of being content in the living and doing of the mundane.  I didn't say "celebrating" the mundane, because then we're making the mundane a "thing" as well. I'm talking about being happy with doing things and living in ways where we don't feel a burden to be celebrated by others.  Yes, living in ways that aren't "broadcast-able".  No, this is not an anti-social media rant.  But, I do think Social Media has made it really hard to do anonymous things.  It's also made many of us feel inadequate because our lives seem so common next to those who write and take pictures well.

  (It's important to note that these (writing, taking pictures) are the qualities that people have who "win" at social media.  These are the gifts.  People who seem to have it all together and have more beautiful lives than us, may just be better writers and photographers than us.  Fundamentally, that's what we're celebrating.  And, good for them!  But, let's stop pretending like impressive public people are omni-competent) 

Where is your "non-instagram-worthy" life lived?  Where do you go out to eat where the food doesn't deserve a picture? Where do you go outside that doesn't have those cool string lights from Ikea? What tables do you sit at that don't have old dusty books on them? What windows do you look out of that aren't weathered and out of a pottery barn catalog? What bible verses do you read that aren't encouraging? Are you able to do things that aren't "Epic"? 

Why is this important to me?  Well, first off, Jesus told us to not let our right hand know what our left is doing.  So, perhaps a good spiritual discipline for some of us is to have more parts of our life that we DON'T share.  Maybe?  But, more than that, I worry that Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials are becoming increasingly unable to do "non-epic" things. . . . "non-instagram worthy" things. Paul Tripp says that we only make 3 or 4 BIG decisions in our life.  Our Christian life and growth is more prominently made up of 10,000 little decisions, made every day, and not always picture-perfect.  

When we sit and pray with someone who needs comfort and care, it might be in a McDonalds, on a dirty table. 

When we meditate on scripture and pray, we may need to do it laying in bed, ugly-crying, without proper lighting.  

When we rest on the Sabbath, we might watch football, eat popcorn (non-organic), and take a nap. . . . . . on a couch from Sears. 

When we invite others into a process, like house hunting, or job searching. . .they might disagree with our decisions, and they might tell us.  That doesn't make them a "hater".  

Life is messy. . . and not contrived/shabby-chic messy.  I'm talking about sinful/selfish/KFC/trans-fat/belly-button lint messy.  You don't send out pictures of that stuff.  Do we then choose to not lean into that mess?  Do we avoid participating in those things that aren't quite comfortable?  

There is no impressive way to die to yourself.