Difficult Seasons

What do we do when we are in a negative environment or season? How do we not get sucked into the stress and dysfunction? How do we stop the momentum of decline (in relationships, effectiveness, size, etc.)? How do we stay within the fruits of the Spirit when their opposites are swirling all around us?

--Gavin Ortlund--

  The question is "when", not "if" we will all get in a rut.  We will all go through difficult times involving things that are in our control. . . . and things that are out of our control.  Gavin Ortlund has a very helpful article on what to do in such times.  We can become so stressed and unsettled that we make things worse during seasons that are already tough.  This is great counsel for weathering the storm. . . . in a healthy way.  

You'll be helped. . . . . . the full article is HERE