A Personal Perspective


I think we're all probably a little tired of theological reflection on the issues of same-sex relationships and the cultural issues surrounding it.  It seems too detached to tell people their feelings might be sinful.  It seems like we don't get the whole concept of "love".  It seems like Christians "pick" sins to focus on (even though we're not the one's picking).  

Even when we talk about the "Gay Christian" experience, we're not really allowed to have the conversation surrounding repentance and living in such a way that goes against your feelings. Those of us who have other sin struggles that aren't related to same-sex desire seem like our concerns and convictions are shallow, because we're not "living" the day-in, day-out struggles of a same-sex attracted person.   It's a difficult, difficult issue to discuss.  

 Personal stories, however, are persuasive.  I can't say it any better than this letter.  

How the Gospel Ended my Same-Sex Relationship