Questions and Answers

This video clip is about how we understand the bible.  It's a good, helpful answer! (and, less than two minutes (from 0:00 to 1:43))

But, what stuck out to me was that this question revealed a certain worldview. . . it was almost a rhetorical question (not wanting an answer).  In our culture, we have to know, in a deep way, that a question or skepticism in someone's mind does NOT necessitate a crisis of faith in my mind. Just because someone has a clever question does not mean we need to form a committee, push the panic button, and eat a tub of ice cream while we figure it out.   Just because someone is having issues does not mean we all have to have that same issue.  The "sovereignty" of the questioner has gone way overboard in our culture.  Maybe it was a bad question?  Maybe it revealed that the questioner needs some more information (like in the video below)?  Maybe the questioner is trying to make a point and not really ask a question?  This video is worth a minute and a half. . . . good stuff. . . 

(Of course there is always room for good, honest questions and struggles.  I'm not trying to tamp down debate here.  But, I don't really think dealing with honest questions is the problem of our day.  We live in a "gotcha" environment, and sometimes the person being asked the question needs to understand what is really going on)