We Can No Longer Plead Ignorance

 Sir, the nature and all the circumstances of this trade are now laid open to us; we can no longer plead ignorance, we can not evade it; it is now an object placed before us, we can not pass it; we may spurn it, we may kick it out of our way, but we can not turn aside so as to avoid seeing it; for it is brought now so directly before our eyes that this House must decide, and must justify to all the world, and to their own consciences, the rectitude of the grounds and principles of their decision.

"On the Horrors of the Slave Trade" -- William Wilberforce

If you've seen the covert videos, filmed by the Center for Medical Progress, of Planned Parenthood;  you know that this quote from Wilberforce is true. . . .  we can no longer plead ignorance on the issue of abortion.  

Suffice it to say, our tax dollars are being used by an organization (PP) to dismember and kill unborn babies.  At times, those babies are killed in such a way as to preserve their organs for sale to research companies. The employees of PP know what they are doing and refer to the patients as "boys" and "babies".   We need to recognize this.  We can't "not" know it anymore.  

I've seen, as with the issue of gay marriage, a fatigue on the part of younger evangelicals that can even turn into antagonism towards the Pro-life cause.  It's no longer popular to participate in "culture war"-type issues, and so since we're tired of the dialogue, we might as well argue for the other side (I'm not sure how that last part makes sense. . . but I've seen it this week).  

As Christians we are pro-life, and against unlawful killing, it's in the 10 commandments.  So, since now the cat is out of the bag that those who are performing abortions are aware and approving of the fact that the "fetuses" are "babies"; we must be against it.  There really isn't an option. What should we do? 

1)  As hard as it is. . as gross as some of it is. . . . . .we all need to watch as many of, and as much of these videos as we can (I've fast-forwarded through parts).  We have to see.  We can't plead ignorance.

2)  Reject propaganda from Planned Parenthood, their media apologizers (who are reading off of talking points supplied to them by PP), and progressive Christians who argue for the status quo.

      a)  Planned Parenthood DOES NOT supply crucial women's health that can't be found elsewhere.  All the positive things PP does for women can be found at other medical clinics where they aren't trying to abort the baby.  Birth control is now very inexpensive if women are looking for that option.  This is a false narrative.  

      b) It is not a virtue, or a positive point that PP is "serving" the poorest women in our country.  It's actually a scandal.  There is a reason PP clinics are in the poorest neighborhoods of the USA, and it's not pretty.  I can't believe this has actually become a talking point FOR Planned Parenthood this week.  It's a gross, racist, scandalous point that goes to the origins of Planned Parenthood.  You can read more HERE (and links within).   I preached on this very issue last January.  I had no idea PP would admit where many of their clinics are located.  It's not a point in their favor.   

      c)  There absolutely ARE economic, financial, and societal reasons that abortions take place.  We should seek to minimize those reasons.  We should seek for social justice, and help the poor.  We should do that through Crisis Pregnancy Centers, tax reform, and reforming welfare. . . . . That doesn't mean we should keep allowing the killing of unborn babies while we figure it out.  

3)  The one thing that isn't getting enough coverage is that PP is actually admitting they are performing abortions that are illegal.  I won't get into the gross specifics, but Partial-Birth Abortion, abortion where you manipulate the baby so as to remove it's organs, and manual aspiration are all illegal procedures.  Even if it's for research. . . .those things are illegal.  They are being admitted to on camera.  

4)  You can contact your congressman and use social media.  Tweet at your senators and Congressmen.  Express your opinion on this issue.  If other Christians look down on you and roll their eyes out of fatigue. . . . that's ok.  This is a strategic moment.   

If you've had an abortion, just know that there is grace for you.  Christ came to save sinners, and no one is claiming superiority here.  I'm not trying to re-victimize anyone, and I hope that terminology, and passion aren't misconstrued as judgment.  I'm so grateful for the Cross of Christ!  I would love to talk with you about it.  

Let's be in prayer that this covert operation will succeed in ending taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (or cause major reforms to be required in that organization).  Let's act and argue well, and winsomely where we can.  There are now hundreds of resources for us to be educated with.  

Last thing, . . . I remember videos like these coming out 6-7 years ago.  It wasn't a covert video operation nearly on this scale, . . but some of the same themes.  The passion quickly dwindled and people went on about their lives.  I really hope that doesn't happen this time.  Beyond the moral atrocity there are legal issues here as well.  The filmmakers were very smart to bring those out.  We can shine a light on this for a long time as many more videos are coming out soon.  

God help us. 


(ps. . . there are many, wonderful Crisis Pregnancy Centers we should support.  Find yours.  They do great work and are one of the main reasons the rate of abortion has gone down)