Let's Pray

I feel a burden to pray today. . . . would you pray this with me, when you have some time today?


Lord, I know that our present sufferings are not worth being compared with the glory that will be revealed in us.  Some days, it is so hard to see that.  Some days our brokenness is very close to the surface and makes it hard to interact, hard to relate, and hard to have joy.  Help us.  

Lord, we know that our biggest problem is not outside of us, but inside of us.  We know we self-sabotage ourselves daily.  We know that we communicate out of our hearts and so we can't escape the condition we find ourselves in.  However, your Word talks a lot about behavior, choices,  and thinking correctly.  Lord, help us to seek healthy patterns, help us to realize that those patterns certainly involve other Christians.  Lord, help us to make wise decisions and reject (sometimes out loud) the thoughts that aren't true or honorable that haunt us.  Lord, help us to rest.  Help us.  

Lord, help us to be a content people.  Help us to celebrate the life, church, and situations where we are instead of constantly pining for the greener grass. You have the greener grass, we have some of it now, and we'll live in it fully one day.  Help us to remember that.  Help us to see our discontentedness and unsettledness as hungering for our Home, with You.  

Lord, help us to reach out to someone today, even in the next hour.  Help the logistics of our jobs, biological families, schedules, and projects to not crowd out our commitment to each other. You've given us a new family, help us to treat each other like that in the church.  Help us not to neglect each other.  Help us to process our life decisions with others in the Church.  That's why you gave them to us.  

Lord, help us to see that you have overcome this World with it's troubles and brokenness.  Help us to lean into the fact that our sufferings will become tools for our joy one day, and even now. Help us to take a deep breath and remember this is our Father's World.  

Lord, help us.  

In Jesus Precious Name, amen.