Stuck in Rebellion

“People whose lives are riddled with unrestrained sin act like rebellious children. Sin, when unrestrained, infantilizes a person. Here I had thought that I was so mature, so capable, so ‘important’ in the world, and the truth remains that I didn’t even know how to act my age! After conversion, I was surprised to discover how old I really was.”

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, The Secret Thoughts of and Unlikely Convert, p. 108


We often think of rebellion as an active, forward moving thing.  And, it can be.  But this quote, from Rosaria Butterfield struck me with the truth of what sin does to us.  Sin gets us stuck.  We don't move forward in maturity.  Often times the struggles that seem so ingrained into us, and which we feel hopeless to tackle. . . .are because sin has had a foothold in a certain area of our life.   When we see things that "just don't seem right" in our lives, or the lives of those around us. . . . . many times we're holding on to a sin.  What can we do?  


Our provision from the Lord is the gift of repentance, of humbling, of turning back towards him. No Christian ever outgrows this need.  No one is a grace graduate.   

The more that our churches, families, and relationships resist this truth and push us to "act like we have it together", the further away we get from repentance.  The more we feel self-justified in what we're doing, and look down on others who "just don't get us", the further we get from repentance.  

No one enjoys being wrong and having to admit it.  That impulse, now celebrated in our culture, is very immature.  Yes, the impulse of "it's a downer, a negative thing to admit I was wrong" is the opposite of maturity.    Maybe others "get you" more than you think they do?  Maybe we should just admit we were wrong.  

Get un-stuck today if you need to.  The Gospel is safe harbor for you IN whatever your struggling with.  

. . .God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance. . .

Romans 2:4