All Things

Many of us have heard, or have shared with someone, God's amazing promise in Romans 8:28 that He will "work all things together for good for those who love God".   This is an easy verse to quote, but at times, a hard one to believe.  

See, if we really believe in the sovereignty of God in all things, . . . than we must believe it in ALL THINGS.  Today i wanted to share a passage from Thomas Goodwin discussing how even our sins are used by God.   This truth of the sovereignty of God is not a license to "sin, so that Grace may abound".  On the contrary, it is a comfort that even in the midst of an evil world, with sinful people struggling with sinful hearts. . . . God is still at work.  I hope this encourages you today.  (HT: Dane Ortlund)  

 God often blesses us when we are not aware of it. God lets you fall into a sin perhaps, and that drives you to the throne of grace, with outcries for help, as the apostle's word is in Heb 4:16, as a man undone utterly and forever, if God pity you not.
This prayer, though in itself a less good than thy sin was evil, yet to you is turned a far greater blessing than your sin has evil in it (as to you).

Such is his goodness. Your sin shall be pardoned, and though it be a loss in itself, yet to you, having so great a consequent and effect of it, you come off a gainer. God has blessed you with a further increase in the heavenlies, and it shall never be taken from you.

--Thomas Goodwin, preaching on Ephesians 1:3, in Works, 1:63