Where all the Sinners ought to be. . . . . at the appointed time.


(I realize this title is a bit provocative. . . . It's a quote from the attached piece.  I'd encourage you to read it. . . . really good stuff)  

Our context in Boulder County, CO provides us the opportunity to interact with a large number of "religious" people, . . . . who don't go to a church.  Now, not many of these people would describe themselves as "religious", but if we look deeper we see that all of us are worshipping something or someone.  Some would say that you can't attract these people with a church service, or that singing, preaching, receiving communion, and fellowship are somehow outdated.  

This brilliant piece from Jared Wilson shows us what's behind this philosophy.  A philosophy that is not a characteristic of every area of our country, I should say.  Some regions of the USA have almost compulsory church attendance.  That introduces a wholly different set of struggles and contexts for the Gospel.  But, for us, "liking Jesus but not the Church" is an ever preasent reality.   I'd encourage you to read it to find out what the true diagnosis is.   

What We Talk Like When We Talk About God