A Bit about Family. . . . . .

Today is the last day of school for all of my kids.  As much as I'd like to say this year has been all A +'s, laughter, good times, and family togetherness . . . . it hasn't.  I Love my kids and they did make me laugh, . . even this morning.  But, I'm also keenly aware of my failings as a Father, and how my kids have started to struggle with some of the same things I've struggled with in my life. . . .funny how that works.   

The good news for families, and me, . . is that Christ is risen from the dead and the power and guilt of sin has been broken.  There is hope, not for a perfect family, but for forgiven sinners like us.   What an encouraging piece from Liberate today that references the current situation with the Duggars as an opportunity for the grace of God.   

We Are All the Duggars

"We are all the Duggars. We are all dysfunctional sinners living in flawed families upheld by grace. There is only one who is perfect, the one who became our sin, that in him we might become the righteousness of God. And in his wounds, bleeding with love, all of us find healing."