Do You Want to Be Healed?

We'll be looking at the story of Jesus visiting the pool at Bethesda this Sunday, from John 5.  Jesus asks this foundational question to all of us:  Do you want to be healed? 

I hope you can join us!  It should be a great Sunday together.   Here are some quotes to get us thinking:  

Just heard this from a victim "If the enemy can't get you to focus on wealth & comfort, he'll get you to focus on your brokenness." --Trillia Newbill--

"I put it now to you, Do you desire a moral and a spiritual change, a change of life, thought and motive? This is what Jesus gives. Just as this leper needed a thorough physical change so do you need an entire renewal of your spiritual nature so as to become a new creature in Jesus Christ. Oh that many here would desire this, for it would be a cheering sign." --CH Spurgeon--

"Does this good news not seem improbable?  We either proudly believe that we are too good to be judged, or we proudly believe we are too bad to be saved.  So the gospel is a continual surprise, and we need to hear it again and again" --Ray Ortlund--

(can we get through a blog without a quote from Ray? :) )