Finally Free

My heart is full. . . but my body, tired after a great Easter week.  I think it's good that we make such a big deal about the amazing love of Christ.  What else should we do, but rejoice for all that God has done for us, in Christ!  

I found this story last week as I was blogging through Holy Week.  It's a great picture of Christ's saving work towards us.  The story of this inmate, unjustly jailed for 30 years, is heartbreaking. Now, free, he doesn't know what the internet is, or what to do with a smartphone. . . . it's really amazing.  

This is an amazing picture of our Salvation in Christ. . . . ."long my imprisoned spirit lay" the old hymn says. There is one crucial difference:  We are actually guilty.  Our pardon from sin is not because we were unfairly put away.  No, our pardon from sin is because the opposite is true.  We are justly condemned for our sins.  But, Christ took our place and took the penalty we RIGHTLY deserved.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!  

I hope you know this in a deep, profound way.  I hope you know the height and depth of the love of Christ for you.  What if the warden would've turned around and took this man's place in jail!  Or the D.A? (actually, that might have been the just thing to do).  Well, Christian, that's what Christ graciously did for you. He who knew no sin, became sin for us.   Rejoice today!  

An Amazing Story