An External Word

Have you thought about what you've been communicating to yourself lately?  

It's a funny question to ask, but really important!  All of us will find our acceptance, validation, and significance from one of two places.  We'll either listen to the internal words we speak to ourselves, or on an external word from somewhere else.   

That doesn't get us out of the woods because there are a few places to hear an "external" word, even if we do succeed in getting outside of our own heads.  We can base our worth on what others say to us, or what our enemy says to us. . . . . .or on what the Holy Spirit of God says to us. John tells us that the Holy Spirit is our "counselor".  What a gift!  You don't have to be imprisoned by your own opinions of you, or other's opinions of you.  But, you get access to a free, 24-hour-counselor to talk to, and listen to.  

Now, we need to train ourselves and our "self-speech" to follow God's speech about us.  In fact, I think that's a huge part of spiritual growth and godliness, . . . communicating to ourselves the right things about ourselves.  But, all of that starts with basing our worth off of God's communications to us from OUTSIDE of us.  An external word.

Read this great piece, below,  from Jared Wilson ( a blog favorite!) talking about how God called Gideon a "mighty man of valor" as he was hiding out in the winepress.  God gets the definitive word, always.  Listen to Him.

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