Thursday: Being Served

Before Jesus and the disciples sat down for their passover meal, Jesus did the unthinkable.  He bent down, prepared a cloth and basin, and washed the disciples' feet.  Peter saw the "upside-down" nature of what was happening and told Jesus, "Never shall you wash my feet".  

Jesus said, "If I do not wash you, you have no place with me".  Peter replied, "Lord, then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head".   

That's the heart of the Gospel.  Will you let Jesus serve you?  Will you let his sacrifice for you be enough?  Or will you continue to try and save yourself?  To refuse Jesus' act of service was prideful on the part of the disciples.  "How could I let our Rabbi wash our feet?" they must've been thinking.  But, the humbling that needed to take place in disciples was the humbling they, and us, need to be able to come to Jesus at all.  We don't get to come on our terms. . . we come needy, or we don't come at all.  

This is hard for our modern ears.   We're supposed to be competent, we're supposed to have our stuff together. .   we're supposed to be basically good people who have good intentions (but make mistakes from time to time).  Jesus loves us too much to let us continue in those deceptions.  We'll come needing Him and only Him. . . or we'll "have no place" with Him.   

We need to cry out to God to let us get to that place of desperation for Him.  We won't get there on our own.  The Holy Spirit has to do a "softening" in us.  We have to cast aside any "claims" we think we have on God's favor or His Grace. We need to be washed, and we need Jesus to wash us with His blood, His sacrifice for us.  

Further thoughts come to mind as to how this struggle hurts our other relationships. . and much could be said.  But for today, Maundy Thursday, let's remember how Christ wants to serve us with His own Body and Blood. . . and the only way to Him, and to Salvation, is to accept Him. . .on his terms.   

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