Tuesday: The Double Cure

". . . let the water and the blood, from Thy riven side which flowed, be of sin the double cure; cleanse me from it's guilt and power"  

This beautiful passage is from the classic hymn, Rock of Ages.  Such rich theology. . .  . not only did Christ cleanse us from the guilt of sin; a beautiful and precious truth to be sure!  But, the power of sin is broken as well. Yes, that means we are no longer victims to our sin (or the enemy, but that's another post).  Certainly we will still struggle with sin as Paul shows us in Romans 7. But, we struggle from a place of strength, not of powerlessness. Yes, that addiction, that person you can't stand, that attitude that always comes back.  . . . . you are not powerless against those temptations. 

Christ has a double cure for us.  And, the cures are connected.  It's by the realization and continual revisitation that the guilt of our sin is gone, that we can fight and resist the power of that sin.  The Gospel is our fuel.  Looking at the beauty of Christ helps us to reconcile with that tough person. Looking at the cross helps us remember that Christ brings more peace than the bottle ever will. Looking at our redemption churns up gratitude in our hearts, which helps to push out destructive attitudes.  The freedom from guilt is an effective "cure" to break the power of sin.

So, meditating on the cross IS an emotional exercise to humble us and show us the despicable nature of our sin. This is a maturing discipline that we should revisit often.  But, the cross is much, much more than that as well.  When we see the rot of our sin, and we see the beauty of our Savior, we're drawn to Him and away from our sin.  We see the emptyness of our struggles in light of His Glory and Grace.  Let's remember our freedom from guilt, often!  And, let's use that freedom to resist the sins that so easily entangle.