Monday: Looking Back and Looking Forward

This is a week for looking back. . . .and looking forward.  You might wonder, why, we as Christians, spend so much time looking in those directions?  Why would we take a week, as we are, and look back at historical events from 2000 years ago?  Why do Christians sing about Heaven and take comfort in knowing their future with Christ is settled? 

The reason is this:  What Christ has done in the past, and what He will do in the future are sure. The current circumstances of our lives, however, are up and down.  God calls us to remember (Ps. 77:11) all that He has done, and to believe in all He will do.  Easter is a perfect time for this because Christ's resurrection (the past) is a precursor, or "first fruit" of our own resurrection (the future) (Rom. 6:5).   Easter is a preview of our future, as Christians.  We can find great strength in remembering what God has done.  And, when we're at our wits end, rehearsing the future promises of God is great medicine for the sick soul.  

So, as we remember this week, we look forward at the same time.  Hope does not disappoint, when our hope is in Christ.  Jared Wilson has a beautifully written piece on looking back and looking forward.  I hope you'll read it here.