Do you have a good memory?  I often think that I do (my wife may disagree).  But, whether or not I remember the big or small details of my life. . . .I have trouble remembering the Gospel.  

There are probably a few reasons for this: 

1) We have an enemy who lies to us.

2) Our entire culture points us in the opposite direction of the Gospel.  Either, we're on the treadmill of "earning" at our workplace, or in our relationships.  Or, we're living in rebellion and trying to find our salvation in freedom from any rules or any constraints.    Both put us in bondage.  Both are anti-Gospel.  

3) We neglect the scriptures, or we read them as "life's instruction manual" or merely an academic pursuit.  The Scriptures are not primarily about us.  They are primarily about God and His gracious pursuit of broken people. 

Whatever the reason, we need to preach the Gospel to ourselves daily.  We need to remember that our status with God is sealed in the Heavens.  We need reminders that our Righteousness does not depend on our imperfect works for Christ, but on His Perfect work for us.  We need to remember that God's own glory is His primary motivation in all things, so that when our circumstances change, we can trust His purposes.  

We need to remember that the systems of merit, achievement, and earning that our world operates in daily. . .(and that we need to operate in at certain levels, to be good citizens and love our neighbors) DOES NOT define or characterize our relationship with Christ.  The Gospel is opposed to earning.  The Gospel says that Christ won the victory, fulfilled the law, satisfied the covenant on both sides (Judge, and Justifier).  So, we are free to love others, serve them, and act in their best interests, because God has acted in our best interest.   We are free to let offenses go, and forgive others since Christ has forgiven us to the uttermost.  

We need these realities to fuel us every day.  Because, today people will hurt you.  Systems will work against you.  Your expectations of people and systems will go unmet.  Circumstances will probably not go all in your favor.   God has not changed.  The Gospel is true, and we all need to believe it so that we won't be drawn to despair, sin, or bad choices to make things "go our way" when Christ has already done everything for us.   

I hope you'll remember these things today.  I need to.