Never an Interruption

These thoughts on parenting, below, are from Paul Tripp.  But, I think we should apply them to every area of life.  We so often feel like things are out of control because our plans were messed up.  But, our plans may not have been God's plans in a particular instance.  Even when we're a victim of sin, God has a plan to use that in our life.  

An error in thinking this way would be to become fatalistic and have a "who cares?" attitude towards our life's hardships.  The bible (especially the Psalms) tell us it's ok to be disappointed, it's ok to grieve, and we're blessed when we mourn.  But, there's a big difference in the way a child of God should approach "interruptions".  1 Thessalonians helps us: 

1 Thessalonians 4:13

But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope.

I'd encourage you to read the whole thing from Dr. Tripp.  It's a helpful perspective.  

"But the reality is different from God’s perspective. The sin, weakness, rebellion, or failure of your children is never an imposition on your parenting. It is never an interruption. It is never a hassle.  It is always grace. God loves your children. He has put them in a family of faith, and in relentless grace he will reveal their need to you again and again so that you can be his tool of awareness, conviction, repentance, faith, and change. And because in these moments he asks you to forsake your agenda for his, this opportunity of grace is not just for your children, it’s for you as well."