The Empire State Building Occupying a Doghouse

The miracle of Christmas is something far beyond our intellect can grasp (though we should try).  In my message last week, I tried to spend some time considering the apparent paradox and mind-blowing truth of Christ's occupying the manger while still occupying the cosmos.  Jared Wilson, a gifted writer, did a much better job!  I hope you'll read his short reflection here.  

I also hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.  If you're happy, and surrounded by joy, I hope you give glory and thanks to God for those things as He is the source of all of our joy!  If you're surrounded by regret or sadness this week, I hope you'll see the baby in the manger and realize that if there was ever a reason to not lose hope. . . this is it (He is it!).  Christmas doesn't have to always be "omni-fulfilling" to us, those expectations can hurt our joy and make it difficult to love others.  I'll pray for you tomorrow, let the joy of others and the victory of Christ encourage you.  But, if the Empire State Building can occupy a doghouse. . .  we should not lose hope.  Christ has come!  All is well.