A Matter of First Importance (or not)

It seems these days that most Christians come in one of two flavors.  Either, "all openness" or "all certainty".  On one hand, many of us don't like to take unpopular stances, offend others, or put our "flag in the ground" on any issues, because we don't like conflict or the appearance of superiority.  On the other hand, there are those of us who take firm stances on most secondary issues because we think it's necessary and we don't want to feel our doctrinal life is out of control.  But, is there a way to be open without being out of control?  Is there a way to be certain without feeling superior or "conflict-mongering"?

The short answer is:  yes, . . . the way of wisdom.  Especially as we enter an election year, it is so important that Christians are careful in what "flavor" their communication takes.  It's important for us to keep the main thing the main thing.  It's also important that we not sacrifice the main thing because we don't like it when people get mad at us.  

Ray Ortlund (the godfather of GLC) has a great article here on discerning which way to go.  I hope you'll read it!  

Certainty and Openness