We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are

Have you ever wondered why you feel so secure when all of your appointments are safely scheduled in your phone?  Do you ever wonder why you get so upset when a small event messes up your daily schedule?  How often do you feel afraid our anxious when you don't have access to your schedule on the phone or internet?  Do you find it embarrassing to talk about or consider spiritual realities at work in your life?  

Do you think any of the answers to those questions would've been seen as crazy a few hundred years ago?  

This piece from Tony Reinke is (a little long, I admit) so helpful for finding perspective in our hyper-controlled world.  Suffice it to say, our ancestors, even 300 years ago (a blip in history) would've looked at our current problems in very different ways.  Instead of reading more of my commentary, I hope you'll take about 10 minutes and read it.  

I think all of our technical advances, which admittedly are helpful and wonderful, have damaged our worldview in some very central and profound ways. . . . .