Just Give Me Something to Believe In


With apologies to the great 80's rock band, Poison. . .  . the blog returns today.  I've taken a little hiatus over the last few weeks, as "life" has happened and blogging was pushed to the side.  But, I'll make a good faith effort to bring things back up to speed.  

This article caught my eye this weekend as the premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is this weekend.  I grew up watching all of the Star Wars movies and am excited as anyone else for the new movie! (well, not ANYONE. . see above photo).  

It seems a cult has grown up around Star Wars, only people aren't joking. . . The Church of Jediism.  Yes, Yoda can be your Lead Pastor and the Star Wars Cantina band can lead worship.  You also get sage wisdom like: There is no emotion; there is peace,” and “There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.”

This phenomenon proves once again that people just want something to believe in.  Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit we will always be seeking something outside of ourselves to latch on to.  The Church of Jediism was started as a joke in the 2001 census, but apparently that is irrelevant.  A belief system that doesn't make any ultimate claims, doesn't require much commitment, and doesn't have the messiness of, you know, . . .REAL people. . is very attractive.  "I think people are shying away from traditional religion because it doesn't reflect their views", says Patrick Day-Childs (member of the Jedi ruling council).  But, apparently the views of a Wookie and Sith-Lord are very attractive. 

This Christmas, I hope you'll see, and know in a deep way that the hope of the World arrived in Jesus Christ.  He offers not just a worldview philosophy, sage wisdom, and everlasting community. . . . but forgiveness from sins and the wonderful reality of being made right with God. What we believe is not convenient for us, and is not just an escapist way to view the world.  Faith in Christ is our only hope in the midst of a very messy, broken world.  Our Creator gives us the only explanation that makes sense of the predicament we find ourselves in.   Our faith is very specific, . . . namely, it is a belief in and reliance on Jesus Christ.   There's freedom in that.  There's bondage in making up our own wise sayings and philosophies to help us cope with the world.   Christ came and became a man, born of woman, to redeem all who would trust in Him. 

As Yoda might say, . . . Great Hope, we have found.  

Link: The Church of Jediism