A Revolutionary Thought


As someone who is not the best communicator in the world. . . . this might sound a little funny coming from me.  But, I think our ability to converse, as human beings, is pretty poor right now. We're good at taking in information. . we're pretty good at reading, we're excellent at typing, we're good at taking photos, and we're really good at drawing conclusions from photos that others have taken. . . (right or wrong).

But, you know. . . I think we could all stand to work on our talking skills a little bit.  Like, . .talking to another human being, in the flesh, or over the phone.  I want to challenge everyone reading this post.  What if you took your strong feelings, or news articles regarding the Syrian refugee crisis, the Starbucks cup controversy, the Presidential election. . . . or whatever happens next week. . . .and go talk to someone about it.? What if we actually discussed an issue with a person?  

It's difficult, because we can't have the floor all to ourselves in our status update, or tweet deck; we have to take turns talking.  We can't back up our point by posting an article without context. We also can't assume what another group of people are thinking (because someone in an article told us they felt that way) because we'll actually be talking TO them and we can just ask them.  

My good buddy Brian tweeted today that Facebook is a bad place to work out your opinions in public.  I'd agree wholeheartedly with that, and just add that conversing with another person in the flesh, or on the phone, is a great place to work out your opinions, and learn something.  

Let's give it a shot.