Broken Together



"We've said many times that we have walked through hell together. Our marriage could have easily been torn apart by the death of our son. But, instead, I know that our marriage is much stronger than it was before, and we have been given some amazing tools to guide us."

Jason Jones recounts one of the most unimaginable, unthinkable moments a person could go through. . . losing a child.  His thoughts are about navigating marriage through difficult times, but I think it's helpful for all of us who are hurting, and who are navigating that hurt with others.  If we're married, or single, we'll all see difficult days with other people.   These are helpful thoughts, and worth the 5 minutes to read.   A summary of his main points:

Pursue Each Other

Let each other have good and bad days

Seek help together and separately (not just formal counseling.  . .)

Lean into a larger purpose

Forgive over and over

Accept that change happens in each other as a result of these trials.