For some of us who were alive in the 80's or 70's (clearing throat). . . .the social shifts of the last 10 years or so, are particularly jarring.  America was never a "Christian nation", but it had vestiges of christendom.  You wouldn't see our faith disrespected publicly very often.  You would see public figures try hard to not offend Christians, even being disingenuous to try and curry favor with Christians.  

Well, suffice it to say. . .much of that has changed in the last few years.  You can see how quickly those who need to remain popular (politicians) have had to change their views on homosexuality, education, decency standards, etc.. . . . .  Society has shifted, very quickly, on these and other topics.  But, this doesn't have to be a bad thing for the church.  In fact, much of the social influence we were holding on to was probably a bit of a mirage or a minimizing of the essentials of our faith.   There's a great, 7-minute video below that discusses this.  

As we get closer to an election season, let's not be discouraged, angry, and war-like in our dealings with our new "post-christendom" environment. 

John Piper says it well here: