I haven't done a "curmudgeon-y" post since. . . . well, I guess it was Friday :)  So, it's about time for another one.  

  Social Media is an apt description for the tools we use including twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. . . We are literally "broadcasting" ourselves to others (thus: social media). 

  This can be a good thing.  It can be a great tool to stay connected with family and friends.  Also, it has "democratized" expression, meaning that anyone can have the platform to communicate with a large group of people at the same time.  This can be good!  Sometimes, though, we learn "why" certain people are given a broader platform than others.  

  The downside is that we're all subtly becoming obsessed with making a spectacle of ourselves.  I don't mean spectacle in the purely negative sense.  I'm just talking about attention, recognition, and content.  It has a negative affect on our souls if we're constantly trying to please an "audience" or live like we're all public figures who need the attention of others, and provide content for others.   It has inflated the meaning of all events in our life, . . . this crushing the true meaning of those events.  If everything is "awesome and amazing" than nothing is.  

  This piece from JR Vassar entitled "In Twitter We Trust" is a great look at the heart issues that arise from our new environment of social media.   

  We need to be discerning users of social media, not spending so much time evaluating the merits/struggles of each platform. . . but evaluating our hearts to see what each different platform is doing to us.