Helpful Resources from an Important Weekend

This past weekend was one of the hardest sermons I've ever had to prepare.  The issues of Race and Abortion aren't usually spoken about in a way that is winsome, fair, or helpful.  The hard thing is that some of the more inflammatory ways to speak about these issues can actually be helpful because we're challenged to dig deeper and consider new perspectives.  Then comes the issue of my gifting as a preacher. . . What am I effective at?   How will it come across?  Have I covered all the bases?  

I'm not looking for sympathy there, just trying to let you into my process.  But, as someone speaking publicly, you want to do a good job.  Here are the resources that I spent a few weeks studying to prepare.  I hope they are helpful to you, and I hope you'll take the time to look over a few of them:  

First off, the sermon recording from this weekend: