The Importance of the Lord's Supper

At Gospel Life, we highly value the Lord's Supper.  Why is that?  Because we meet God there.  

This piece from Doug Wilson shows how God meets us, (much like He meets us through the preached Word), at the Table. Those of us who love preaching, love learning, and love seeing new things in God's Word need to be reminded that God meet us in other ways as well.  . . . . ways we should not neglect or go through in a passion-less way.   Rev. Wilson shows us the personal ministry of Christ, through His Supper.  I hope you'll come Sunday (or go to your church) expectant to meet God! 

 "In meeting us here, He then uses these elements to confirm and nurture us in our faith so that we go out to live our daily lives strengthened by Him, and be better equipped to come back here in growing faith next week."