Being Known

    "GoCo's" or "Gospel Communities" are a large part of what we are as Gospel Life Church.  We don't think the Christian life was meant to be lived out, or figured out, alone.  In fact, most of the New Testament doesn't make sense apart of from the church actually living in community.  Today, due to the "spread out" nature of our lives, our disconnectedness, and most of all, the sin that so easily entangles us, "community" gets harder.  But, that doesn't mean we're to throw up our hands and proceed towards isolation with the rest of our culture.  This post from the Gospel Coalition is foundational in how we do "small groups".  The reasons most of us are hesitant to join a small group are all addressed here as "myths".  I especially appreciate #3 and 4.  Then, Steven Lee shows us how to make the Gospel central in our groups, so other less important things don't become central (which, sometimes becomes a reason our groups are unhealthy, and we leave them)  .

What lengths we will go to, to not be "known"!  God has set a meal for us, in community.  God set the road map for our spiritual growth, in community.  And, God longs for us to be taken care of, and to live our lives, in community.  I hope you'll take 5 minutes and read this important piece.