Off we go. . .

Hi everyone. . . this post will say it's authored by "Gospel Life Church", and I'm not good enough with technology to fix that.  But, it's me, Aaron Britton.  

I'm the pastor here at GLC, and am honored and privileged to run with such an amazing group of people.   Church planting, for these first 6 months has been harder, and yet more fulfilling than I ever thought it would be.  I find myself with a lot of things to say. (my mind is constantly going, and I usually find myself 3 steps ahead of the current situation. . .this is not a compliment . . . details and other things get lost at times. . . )  Rather than continue to bombard Jody (my wife) with all of that, I thought I'd start to get some of it "out there" again.  For those of you whom I knew, I had a blog about 4 years ago that was very long and verbose. . . I'll try to tamp that down a little this time. :)  If you have a decade to kill. . feel free to start reading!  (smiley face)   

But, I'll mostly be reacting to current events and current thinking, since I don't think it's always a good idea to do that in a sermon each week.   When it doesn't fit in a sermon, I'll do it here, and pass on thoughts, reactions, and articles that I think will be helpful to us, as a church.  For those of you outside the GLC community, we'd love to have you!  And, your thoughts are welcome here as well.